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Post by DayDreamer on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:51 pm

Life was constantly on the move in the busy city of Los Angeles, California and that was especially true for twenty-six year old Rayna Bellerose. Rayna’s birthday was earlier in the week but due to early work hours she was unable to celebrate like she had wanted to. While having to be into work at 8AM never stopped the girl from enjoying a few drinks the night before, clubbing was an event that had to be reserved for the weekends. Rayna worked as the personal business assistant to Anthony Emerson, CEO of a big time advertising company. Staying awake and alert was on her list of job duties which prevented her from going crazy on a weeknight. With it being a Friday night, Rayna planned to get wasted to the point of having a killer hang over the next morning.

Her smartphone buzzed on the bathroom counter, alerting her of yet another incoming group text from her friends wondering when their night would begin. Rayna ignored the other two girls while she added her fake eyelashes, the finishing touch to what she considered artwork. Her makeup was flawless with not a single blemish to be seen. Her dark, smokey eye ended with the sharp point of long wing, deep red, matte lipstick gave her a sexy edge, and her contouring framed her face to perfection. Dark brown hair framed her face and fell down her back, ending with messy curls styled in. Her attire for the night consisted of a tight black dress that stopped before her mid-thigh, accentuating her long legs. The inch thick straps and low v-neck cut left little to the imagination in terms of her cleavage.

While most nights Rayna wrote jewelry to cover her chest, she chose to go without that night. Her overall appearance screamed sex all-the-while giving her a classier look. After slipping diamond studs in her ears, she slipped on black strappy heels and gave herself a once over in the bathroom mirror. A playful smirk pulled at the corners of her lips as she admired her own beauty. Rayna was an attention whore and made every effort she could to catch the eye of both men and women.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ten minutes later, Rayna was out the door of her apartment complex and hailing down a cab while sending a text to the girls to let her know she was on her way. The night was cloudy without a single star in sight; the light pollution of the big city was enough to engulf any shining stars even on a clear night. The smell of rain lingered in the air and followed Rayna into the back seat of the taxi. The driver clearly had to fight to keep his eyes on the road rather than his rear view mirror the entire drive to the club of her choice, the first of many. Even with the busy city traffic, the ride took no longer than fifteen minutes and when she arrived, Aimee and Selena were already waiting in line to gain entry to the building.

“Hey, Ray!” Aimee shouted, her blonde curls bouncing along with her. “Damn, girl. You look fii-innnee!” Aimee stood just a couple inches taller than Rayna at five feet and eight inches, though her black stilettos gave her an extra three inches that night. Aimee worked as a lingerie model for Victoria Secret so it was a given she was a looker. Her white dress hung tight and low on her back, showing off her thin frame.

“Hey, ladies,” Ray gave her girls a wink and bumped hips with Selena. Rayna had some curves to her but they were nothing compared to that of the shorter raven-haired girl standing with her. Selena was currently in between jobs and living at Aimee’s but that didn’t stop her from spending the money on her new skin-tight jeans and black crop-top. These three women have been friends since high school in Miami, Florida and had moved to Los Angeles together just after graduation. They were inseparable, even with their lives going in all different directions. Even an outside could see the love they had for each other.

After about twenty minutes of standing outside the club, they finally made it to the front of the line. The moment they stepped through the door the three made their way to the bar, each ordering their favorite mixed drinks and a shot of red berry vodka to start their nights off. "To yet another crazy weekend!" Rayna raised her glass, followed by her friends her toasted to her birthday. Once the vodka was down they chugged their drinks and jumped on the dance floor, losing themselves in the music and drunken crowd.


Four hours later, just past midnight, Rayna found herself and her two girls strolling into the third and final bar of the night. While they didn't appear it, Rayna was wasted and didn't even bother to check out the scenery. She's passed it several times when running home from work and had been meaning to stop in sometime. So far, so good. The music was catchy enough to get people moving around, darts and pool tables aligned the back section, and the bar was wide enough to sit plenty of people. Rayna made her way through the crowd towards the bar while Aimee and Selena went off to find a table.

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